Hello! my name is Aleksandr Tagunov I'm a Creative Web Developer

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Something About Me

My name is Aleksandr, friends call me Alex. I’m a creative Web Developer with a passion for design and typography. I’m a chronic adventurist and a life-time learner. I started my web development journey in 2018 at MiraCosta college. Since then, I found myself obsessed with front-end web technologies, specifically with JavaScript and its robust ecosystem. While I enjoy riding the JavaScript hype-train, I stay aware of the fact that JavaScript is not the only answer. I make sure that end-user needs inform my decisions in the first place. When I design, I follow the notion that form must follow function to keep my designs clean, minimalistic, and accessible. When I’m not behind a screen, I spend my time photographing the beach, surfing at the beach, and cycling around the beach.

Work I'm Proud of

The collection of the selected projects I completed over the last few years.

  • diet-bro

    Diet Bro

    React / Firebase / Styled-components / API

    Diet bro is a single-page calorie counter web app built with React.JS, React Router, and Firebase. Users can set a target calorie intake and record meals to track progress. Users can look up food in the FDA database and choose from the list of portions. All entries are stored by date in the database.

  • Ipoint website

    Ipoint Advisors

    Next.js / React-spring / Styled-componets

    Ipoint Advisors is an advocacy group that serves both public and private sectors. The goals of the website are to educate existing and new customers about the company and provide an easy way to contact through the contact form. The design of the website reflects values the company holds tradition, trust, and professionalism.

  • Barbara Holmes Web Site

    Barbara Holmes

    Gatsby.JS / Styled-components / Framer Motion / WordPress

    Portfolio website built with Gatsby.js. Website data sourced from WordPress using Gatsby plugin for WordPress. I used Styled Components for styling and Framer Motion for animations. Contact form built with Netlify functions and Mailgun. Hosted on Netlify

Other Projects

Some smaller projects worth showing.

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